Day of the Dead Lesson

(el Día de los Muertos)


Visit the websites below and find information to complete the following items on your own paper (If you don't finish in class by tomorrow, you can do it at home and you will be able to study online Monday for your test.)   STAY ON TASK.  IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DOING ANYTHING ON THE WEB OTHER THAN THIS ASSIGNMENT, YOU WILL BE TAKEN OFF THE COMPUTER AND GIVEN A SPANISH RESEARCH TOPIC FOR WHICH YOU WILL CREATE A REPORT.  If you finish before the end of class, turn in your paper and go to to study for your upcoming test on chapter 2B.  


 1.         What is a Day of the Dead altar? 

 2.        List at least 7 items found on the Day of the Dead altar and explain the significance of each item.

 3.         Describe how the Day of the Dead is a mixture of both Spanish and Indian cultures.

 4.         Create a timeline showing at least 5 typical events involved in a Day of the Dead celebration and when they occur.  Include a brief statement explaining the purpose or significance of each event.

 5.         Compare and contrast the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead to the United States celebration of Halloween.  Include at least 3 ways they are similar and 3 ways they are different.